How to Make Fire Resistance Potion in Minecraft (3:8 Min)

Fire Resistance Potion in Minecraft: Fire & Lava is one of the Dangerous things in Minecraft, which can lead you to Die in a Few Seconds. To get Protected from lava or Fire, we have to Wear our Equipment (Helmet, Vest, etc.). Although it doesn’t give you full protection from Fire in Minecraft. You can easily survive in Open World without using a Fire Resistance Potion Since, there is a limited number of Lava Pools available.

It is very difficult to survive in the Nether without Fire Resistance Potion. Minecraft Nether World is Full of Dangerous Mobs, & Lava Pools. Also, it is very difficult to mine in the Nether without Fire Resistance Potion. So, in this article, we are going to see How to make a Fire Resistance Potion in Minecraft.

Supported Platforms

Potion of Fire Resistance (3:00) is available in the following versions of Minecraft:

Java Edition (PC/MAC)Yes
Pocket Edition (PE)Yes
Nintendo SwitchYes
PS3 & PS4Yes
Education EditionYes

Fire Resistance Potion in Minecraft

Fire Resistance Potion is very useful to get Protected from Fire, Lava, Fireballs, Blaze Fire attacks, etc. When you drink Fire Resistance Potion, it will give you a Fire Resistance effect which will protect you from fire and Lava.

Ingredient/ Reccepie for Making Fire Resistance Potion in MC

The Main ingredient or Recipe for Making Fire Resistance potions is Given Below.

  • 1 Brewing Stand (Made with 1 Blaze Rod & 3 Cobblestones)
  • 1 Nether Wart (Found in Nether Fortress)
  • 1 Blaze Powder (Made with Blaze Rod)
  • Magma cream (Obtain by killing Magma Cube in the Nether)
  • 3 Water Bottle (made with Glass)

If you find difficulty in Finding Magma Cube, You use Slime Cream+ Blaze Powder to make Magma Cube.

How to Make Fire Resistance Vision Potion in Minecraft

1. Click on Brewing Stand to Open Brewing Menu.

Place Brewing Stand on the ground and click on it to open its Brewing Menu.

Place brewing stand on Ground

2.  Add Blaze Powder to the Brewing Stand

Place Blaze Powder in the brewing stand. You will see the Placeholder location for Blaze powder on the left side of the brewing stand.

Add blaze Powder in Brewing Stand

3. Place Water Bottle & Nether Wart in Brewing Menu

Add Water Bottle and Nether Wart to the Brewing stand. You can add up to 3 water bottles to make a 3 Rire Resistance Potion at the same time. Brewing Stand will take the same amount of ingredients (i.e. 1 Nether Wart, 1 Blaze powder, & 1 Magma Cream) for the Making 1 Bottle as well as 3 bottles of Fire Resistance Potion.

Add water bottle and Nether Wart

So, it is highly recommended to use 3 Water bottles at the same time for Brewing Any Potions in Minecraft. Once, You add Nether Wart to Brewing Stand, It will get Active and Make an Awkward Potion.

4. Add Magma Cream in Awkward Potion

Once, Awkward Potion is Created. Place Magma Cream on top of the Brewing Stand. Again brewing Stand will get Active and Will Make a 3:00 Min Fire Resistance Potion.

Add Magma Cream in Brewing Stand

Congratulation! Your Fire Resistance Potion in Minecraft is Created Successfully.

Make Fire Resistance Potion for 8 Min

If you want to increase the Duration of Minecraft Fire Resistance Potion from 3:00 Min to 8:00 AM, You will need 1 Redstone Dust. Add a Redstone Dust on the Top of the Brewing Stand to brew the 8:00 Min Fire Resistance Potion in MC.

The benefit of using Fire Resistance Potion in MC

Fire Resistance can be useful in Various Ways such as…

  1. You can Swim in Lava Pool in the Nether without taking a Single Damage.
  2. Very Useful in Blasting Mine through Bed in Nether to Collect Netherite.
  3. You can Make your Base in the middle of the Lava Pool with the help of Stone Block and Fire Resistance Potionin Minecraft.
  4. This potion will also Protect you from the Blaze Fire Attack.
How to Make a Fire Resistance Potion in Minecraft

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How to Make Fire Resistance Potion in Minecraft?

Fire Resistance Potion Can be made with the help of a Brewing Stand, Blaze Powder, Water bottle, Awkard Potion, & Magma Cream.

How to Protect from Lava in Minecraft?

You can use the Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft or use Fire Resistance Enhancement to get Protected from Lava and Fire.

Final Words

So, this is all about Fire Resistance Potion in Minecraft. In this article, we cover almost all the topics regarding Fire Resistance in Minecraft including, fire resistance potion, fire resistance potion Minecraft recipe, fire resistance potion mc, etc.

If you still have any Query related to Minecraft Fire Resistance Potion. Let us know in the Comment Section, we will try to Respond to You ASAP! Thank You.

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